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Changing your life begins with you showing up for yourself!

Change towards your desired life can start at this exact moment

By deciding to take the action to book the free consultation with me, you are already taking steps to make changes.


In our consultation I will walk you through my process to get rid of old beliefs and build new ones to get your power back. We will talk about everything related to your dreams and what is blocking you to understand your motivation and get a clear understanding regarding where to go from there. You will be informed about everything from the timeline to costs.

You will also be able to see if this is a good fit for you before investing, but in any way you will have gained a certain clarity on what neurocoaching is, your desires, and what is keeping you from thriving. You won’t be leaving with nothing. Don’t we love this plan!

Procrastination, perfectionism and fear. She’s confused about why she’s not more successful. She sets goals but she finds that she has to repeat some of her goals because she can’t achieve them. She has a few negative thoughts that she can’t quite shake.

Philosophy – because of the negative self beliefs that run in our subconscious, and sometimes conscious, minds we are so limited in being able to access all of the capabilities and potential within us. We are capable of so much more than we can even begin to imagine.

I offer



6 months of weekly 1:1 with me as we work through your negative beliefs, hold you accountable for your business goals and get you well on the way to the change that you want.


Business Coaching

3 months of group coaching. There will be group coaching calls weekly with hot seats available to get you over the rough spots. You will get insight into your own problems from both your own hot seat(s) and those of others.


What Clients Are Saying

“This program is LIFE CHANGING! I have often felt unmotivated, critical of all my flaws and my mistakes, I focused on my negative thoughts and I was scared to take risks.”

- Shawn Green

“With this program I learned the art of refuting; How to challenge my negative self talk and old beliefs, and become less stressed and more confident"

- Shawn Green

“I had such a negative self-talk and was very unkind to myself, but going through Dee's coaching has helped identify some toxic language that I have been telling myself.”

- Tamaria Allen

“I started out feeling unsuccessful and after a month of starting Dee's program, I felt Unstoppable. It has done so much for my confidence and also for my business, I am moving forward and doing what I have to do! "

- Tamaria Allen