You can use your brain to change your life. It is the only tool you need to make all your dreams a reality.
Hi! I am Dee

I am a proud wife, mother, grandmother and certified master neurocoach. I Had a positive attitude so I thought I didn’t have a mindset problem. I started working with a coach who was all about mindset and began to understand I did have a problem. He was really into affirmations and your vision of your success. And while doing those things helped, there was still a deeper problem.

I began looking for a solution. Discovered NeuroCoaching and was so impressed I decided to become a Certified Master NeuroCoach myself. I spent a lot of time vainly pursuing my dream life until I discovered NeuroCoaching. Today, thanks to NeuroCoaching, I am finally living my dream life. I want to help other women get rid of the old beliefs that are programmed into their brain, and build a fresh set of beliefs that supports them in their business journey, with neurocoaching.

If I can do this, so can you
BSc from Georgia Tech, MDiv from Luther Rice University and Certified Master. NeuroCoach

My mission is to see as many women as possible surprise and delight themselves with all that they are able to accomplish. I do this by taking them through a process where we discover those negative self beliefs, destroy the physical pathways that those beliefs run on in our brain and replace them with a vision of our success that our brain embraces and pulls us toward.

Why is this good for me?​

- Settling is no longer an option when we both know your life can be better.

- Having a dream is the first step towards success. Everything blocking women from achieving their dreams are the same day-to-day problems.

These problems include procrastination, perfectionism, fear, and imposter syndrome. You might be surprised to know that these are very common issues.

These problems are what keeps women from accomplishing the success that they know they are capable of but can’t seem to attain. That’s where I come to help.

Reach out to me now, and let’s chat!