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Build your DREAM LIFE with the power of Neurocoaching

About Me


Hello! I’m Dee! I’m a Certified Master NeuroCoach. I help women entrepreneurs overcome their negative self beliefs and the day to day problems those beliefs cause in their lives.
I believe we have a vast amount of potential and it just takes the right approach to UNLEASH IT. I help women identify their toxic beliefs, refute them and build a strong set of healthy ones instead.

It is never too late to create your dream life. I invite you to give yourself a chance and take this opportunity. Let’s start NOW!

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Do you catch yourself thinking “I’m never going to reach my goal. I’m never going to reach my potential”? Do you get distracted, side-tracked and feel like you’re not good enough to achieve things? Well, so do so many people.

The difference now is that you can start working on and building that dream life you keep procrastinating. And you can do that right away!

This is for the women who want…


Growth and Tangible Results

Have the right belief system to start taking the right actions that will bring about the results you desire. The belief system that will allow you to stop procrastinating and start trusting your inner truths to move you forward.


Sustainable Self-Development

Develop a healthy self-relationship that will boost your self-love and self-confidence. Which will allow you to manifest, through affirmations and a positive attitude, all your goals and dreams in life. Let go of the Superwoman myth and embrace a more sustainable, feminine power.


Clarity and Direction

With all the tools, soft skills, and the right mindset, you will have all the clarity necessary to know where you are heading. And you will move with self-confidence, reclaim your inherent strengths and step out of overwhelm.

This is for you if you:

  1. You feel stuck because of negative beliefs and doubtful thoughts.
  2. You have tried manifesting your dream project, but it’s just not working.
  3. You know you need to work on your goals, but you keep procrastinating because you want everything to be perfect.

Procrastination, perfectionism and fear. She’s confused about why she’s not more successful. She sets goals but she finds that she has to repeat some of her goals because she can’t achieve them. She has a few negative thoughts that she can’t quite shake. 


What Clients Are Saying

“This program is LIFE CHANGING! I have often felt unmotivated, critical of all my flaws and my mistakes, I focused on my negative thoughts and I was scared to take risks.”

- Shawn Green

“With this program I learned the art of refuting; How to challenge my negative self talk and old beliefs, and become less stressed and more confident"

- Shawn Green

“I had such a negative self-talk and was very unkind to myself, but going through Dee's coaching has helped identify some toxic language that I have been telling myself.”

- Tamaria Allen

“I started out feeling unsuccessful and after a month of starting Dee's program, I felt Unstoppable. It has done so much for my confidence and also for my business, I am moving forward and doing what I have to do! "

- Tamaria Allen


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